Each Johnson and Johnson, P.A. tax attorney provides legal representation for those Florida residents and companies who find themselves involved with tax liens, disputes, audits and tax controversy with the Internal Revenue Service.  Our Florida law firm is highly experienced in the intricacies of Tax Law and we have represented hundreds of individuals and businesses throughout the Florida area.

It is never a good idea to attempt going up against the Internal Revenue Service without legal counsel at your side. It can be intimidating to say the least and they can be aggressive towards tax payers at times. Our Florida law firm can help with eliminating stressful situations by providing representation on your behalf and dealing directly with the tax authorities concerning your tax issues.

Every tax attorney at our firm usually communicates with the Internal Revenue Service on a daily basis and we are highly experienced in resolving tax matters of all kinds for the residents and companies in Florida. Your rights as a tax payer can only be protected by having an experienced tax attorney representing you in such matters. 

Whether you have a federal tax lien against your home or a federal tax levy against your checking account or even a tax garnishment against your wages, there are solid solutions available through the assistance of a skilled Florida tax attorney to resolve the issues at hand.

Contact our Florida office and speak with a tax attorney today. Don't ignore your tax debt or think for one minute that it will just go away. The Internal Revenue Service will collect the tax debt that you owe via the quickest and easiest means possible. You have a choice to make, get legal representation now before it goes any further or have a go of it on your own. We do not advise the latter. 

Get in touch with a tax attorney at the Florida law office of Johnson and Johnson, P.A. We stand ready to serve you regardless of your tax problems. We can help!

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